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The Simple Cup 2006

KOBO at HIGO 2006年11月11日(土)~12月30日(土)

KOBO and SEWARD PARK CLAY STUDIO present the 2nd Annual SIMPLE CUP invitational show featuring over 45 nationally known North American and 16 Japanese artists, who were invited to submit two to five cups. The vibrant display of over 300 cups, ranging from classical Japanese tea cups presented during the tea ceremony, to off-beat contemporary interpretations, attest to the unlimited imaginations of these ceramic artists in clay and glazes. Ceramic artists include Mackenzie Smith, Sam Taylor, Ayumi Horie, Hayne Bayless, Tim Rowan, Warren Mackenzie, Toshiichi Suzuki and Yasushi Fujihara. Click here for a complete list of artists. North American ceramic artists were curated by Sequoia Miller and Peter Olsen, and the Japanese ceramic artists were juried by KOBO. Seward Park Clay Studio has been serving the visual arts community since 1969 in Seattle's most beautiful park. Its' extensive series of classes, workshops and lectures reaches over 5,000 people each year, as it promotes the growth of the ceramic arts in the Northwest. Click here to see more of the exhibit.

C/O KOBO at HIGO 604 S,Jackson St,Seattle,WA 98104,USA TEL.1-106-381-3000


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