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KOBO Simple Cup Show, 5th Annual

KOBO Gallery at Higo November 13 - December 5, 2010  Opening reception - Saturday, November 13, 6 - 8pm

Over 200 cups have arrived from around the Northwest and from Japan. The Simple Cup Show has been generating a tremendous amount of interest in Seattle and in the Northwest over the last five years. The opening is much anticipated, well attended, with patrons getting in line to get first chance at the offerings. Visits to see the show continue through the month of December. For many, it is their first opportunity to see the variety of work of many nationally and internationally renowned ceramic artists.  This year the Simple Cup has been curated by Peter Olsen and KOBO Gallery, celebrating artists in the Northwest and Japan. The show will run from November 13-through December 11, 2010. All artists are invited to send in 2 cups for the show.  We have an illustrious and exciting group of invited guest artists.  Northwest Artists Akio Takamori,Art Pasette, Ben Waterman, Colleen Gallagher, John Benn, Beth Lo, Wally Bivins, Carolynn Drake, Carol Gouthro, Sam Scott, Chuck Hindes, Chris Nielsen, Drew Nicklas, Eric Nelsen, Eric Newman, Stephen Robison, Kathleen Guss, Craig Novinski. Courtney Murphy, Jason Walker, John Dix (Japan), Jeffrey Mitchell, June Lindsey, Jamie Walker, Ken Pincus, Ken Turner, Kevin Snipes, Kristen Nelson, Kathleen Skeels, Richard Brandt, Lilith Rockett, Mark Strom, Martha Grover, Matt Mitros, Matt Allison, Hiroshi Ogawa, Pam Schick, Pat Colyar, Peter Avriett, Randy Silver, Reid Ozaki, Richard Brandt, Robbie Lobell, Barb Campbell, Javier Cervantes, Stephen Robison, Kathleen Guss, Robbie Lobell, Sam Scott, Sarah Parent, Steve Sauer, Stephen Mickey, Shane Watson, John Taylor, Terry Inokuma, Jeffrey Hartman, Victoria Christen, Warren Maruhashi,  Artists from Japan Yamamoto ,Momoko Otani , Tetsuya Otani, Ken Aoki, Sumiko Aoki, Ariya Uno, Yoji Yamada, Shu Mochizuki, K. Suzuki, John Dix

KOBO Gallery at Higo 604 S,Jackson St,Seattle,WA 98104,USA TEL.1-206-381-3000


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