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banana leaf boat dish

banana leaf boat dish

slab built pottery ware

slip on iron rich clay

with green banana leaf pattern

fired in reduction atmosphere


  • Small, medium, and large, these longish boat-shaped dishes can easily find a space to fit nicely on your table even when it is not so big.



    Very handy size for your breakfast omelet, lunch stir-fried noodle, and dinner curry&rice and so on. Also good for serving salad and assorted fruit platter, and many more.



    Good for your snack like hotdog, and dessert like banana sprit❤︎ Comes in handy for just serving simple small food like veggie sticks, cherry tomatoes, strawberries, chocolate chip cookies and so on.




    This tiny boat will be a perfect fit for your dips, nuts, olive, pickles, chocolate truffle, and many other small specialties.

  • all products are handmade

    each piece is unique and may be slightly different from what you see/read here

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