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餅つき2013 Making rice cakes


Big event of the end of the year in our family,

is a making rice cakes in a traditional style.

Every year, at this time of the year, 

families from near and far get together for this very important event.

We can't welcome new year without mochi, or rice cakes, it's a must!



Kids are playing very important roll now....they are growing up!  📷 丸めるのも早い早いー! Shaping with lots of hands, very fast! 📷 鏡餅も整ってこれでお正月を迎えられます。 おっと、工房の掃除を後少し! もう一息がんばります~ みなさま良いお年を! Wishing you all a very happy up coming year of the horse!


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