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野菜日和2013 vol.4 Days of Vegetables 2013 #4 Bitter Melon


We ate so many bitter melons this summer....

原因は私がゴーヤーの苗を1本ではなく、2本植えたことでした... わが家の畑と大変相性が良かったのか、 ゴーヤーはぐんぐんすごい勢いで育ち、 夏の盛りには毎日3~5本のゴーヤーを収穫する日々... いくら好きでも毎日チャンプルーじゃちょっと.... メニューのネタはすぐに尽きはて、頭を抱えながらゴーヤーを料理した日々の記録。 This is how the story started... In early summer, I planted 2 bitter melon seedlings instead of 1. And, I ended up harvesting 3-5 of this vegetable in a day or 2 for about 3 weeks. I tried to pass them to friends and families, but still I have to keep thinking about how to cook them in a way that  especially the kids can enjoy eating this bitter veggies...  Here're some of the "samples" of how I managed it.

まずは豆腐、卵、豚肉と炒めてオーソドックスなゴーヤーチャンプルー、3日程続く。 Stir fried with tofu, egg and pork, very popular Okinawan dish, 3days in a row.
かき揚げは我ながらいいアイデアでした。 特にソーセージやジャガイモと一緒に揚げると、子供たちも喜び、 「おやつにも食べたい!」と大変好評。 Deep fried with potatoes, onions, and sausages. Our kids loved it, also it goes very well with beer!
少しあぶって種を取りポン酢とおかかで和えれば、しばらく冷蔵庫の常備菜に。 Roasted the skin a bit, cut in half and took off the seed, marinated with ponzu, or citrus flavored soy and bonito flakes.

Marinated bitter melon can be nicely stored in Tetsuya's container.  

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