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水色のタイムマシーン再び Hydrangea Memory





Although, it's supposed to be ending soon, we are still in the rainy season.

It is very hot and humid, and pretty much everything looks exhausted, except for hydrangea and snails. They both love water a lot. Our fair blue classic hydrangea looks pretty happy and is beautifully in bloom in the backyard now. It was originally planted in my parents' garden by my mother who passed away 5 years ago. When I was looking at the flower the other day, suddenly, a memory flashed back to me - it was a day, a long long time ago, very small myself about 5, watching my mother sketching the hydrangea, partly because she was working on creating a new design for her pottery. I still use her hydrangea cup often, but looking into it again with the returned memory of myself witnessing the origin of this work, almost made me cry. I thanked the hydrangea for delivering me a surprise gift like this.


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