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日本はまだ夏 Back in Summer


Back to hot and humid Japan.




Went down to a nearby farmers market the other day,

found a vegetable never seen before...

It said, "big okra, good for tempura".

📷 というわけで早速うちへ帰って天ぷらに。 さわやかな香りねっとり感にもっちり感が加わって大変結構。 塩こしょうをぱらりとふってビールのおつまみになりました~ Sounded good, I gave it a try. It turned out to be... very nice, with fresh aroma and rich texture! Great match with a glass of ice-cold beer in the summer evening. 📷 オーストラリから戻って... 良かったこと=夏野菜に間に合った。 残念なこと=最高に美味しかったあのオーストラリアのペールエールがあればなお.... Back to Japan from Australia.... pros: I can still enjoy lots of beautiful summer veggies ripening in the sun. cons: If only I had one of those nice Australian craft beer to accompany with tempura....


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