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忘れられないおやつ Unforgettable treats




お庭はいつも季節の花々や野菜であふれていました。遊びに行った時の楽しみは特別なおやつ。 畑になってるトマトやキュウリをそのままむしゃむしゃ食べたり、 鳥小屋から集めてきた卵で卵焼きを作ってもらったり。 中でも忘れられないのは.... 採れたてのアスパラをさっとゆでてマヨネーズで食べさせてもらった時。 缶詰の白くてふにゃふにゃしたアスパラしか知らなかった小学生の私は、 その美味しさに感動しすぎてMちゃんの分もむさぼり食べていたような気がします。 その時の経験が今の私の暮らしに与えた力は計り知れず。 いつかはMちゃんママの畑のような畑を...と夢見つつ、 空いた時間をみつけては、草むしりや虫取りに励んでいます。 My ever since childhood best friend M's mom was/is a great gardener,  and their house was/is always filled with flowers and vegetables all year round. In summer, we picked fresh tomatoes and cucumbers in her garden and  those immediately became our snacks. In autumn, she let us climb a persimmon tree and pick the fruits for the snacks. Sometimes, she asked us to collect eggs in their henhouse. When we proudly brought some to the kitchen, she made Japanese style omelet to us. One of the most unforgettable treat was an asparagus. Have you tasted an extremely fresh asparagus, cooked right after picked? It's unbelievably SWEET! She boiled it shortly so that it still had a crunchy texture, and served it with mayonnaise, it was just so so GOOD! This childhood experience impacted what I am now so much, that I ended up growing 2 rows of asparagus in my garden. My garden isn't as wonderful as hers, but I'm hoping someday I can treat her back with my vegetables. 📷


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