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平鍋あれこれ Let me introduce you






I am a fire proof pan.

I was made by Tetsuya, a founder of Otani pottery studio.

He mixes a special material called petalite from Zimbabue, to the clay 

he makes me. That's the secret of what makes me a tough "fire-proof" pan.

I can be roasted, fried, boiled over open fire,  grilled and baked in the oven, and still, can stay cool. 

I can do a lot besides making a good quiche and tarte Tatin.

Such as....

                                                                               stir frying sausages

                                                                                        roasting nuts

                                                                               cooking marmalade

                                                             soaking fried tofu in bonito soup

                                                                                          cooking fish

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