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大谷庭について Garden with White Flowers and Edible Plants
















There were 2 basic ideas when we started to plan our garden with our gardener friend.

1. Ideally, there is/are always white flowers blooming.

2. It would be lovely if there are lots of edible plants.

Our gardener carefully listened us, designed the garden, chose plants, and planted them.

It was kind of blunt when the project launched on 5 years ago.

The trees were small and the lawn was thin and sparse.

But after 4 seasons × 5, it has grown into a thick green garden with lots of white flowers and edible fruits and leaves. Now, what he saw in his mind has come in vision.

Even these edible plants, such as blueberry, plum, tea, kumquat, bear white flowers!

He is quite impressive...

We know it is a long process to reach to our ideal garden, and we can sense that our lifetime might not be long enough to witness that, but we take it OK as it keeps entertaining us everyday with small wonders like;

Cherry blossom showers in spring.

Colorful tiny birds singing in the blueberry bush letting us know the fruits are ripen in summer.

Enchanted by the sweet scent of fragrant olive with honey bees in autumn.

Struck by the beauty of the monotone garden under the gray snowy sky in winter.

Every morning when we open the window, there are some kind of shows.

And we do not need anything more.

次から次に咲く白い花々。 One after another, always white flowers in bloom.


Gathering flowers in the garden and putting it in the vase makes me feel so peaceful.


So many berries this year, I can spare some berries for birds!

夢は、いつかは庭で茶摘みを。 One day, I'll make tea from our tea trees...

今年初めて庭の梅でジュースを作りました。 Making juice from our plum trees.


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