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友を待ちつつ While waiting for good friends


Preparing food to share with close friends 

is something I enjoy the most.

Tonight, we are having an intimate dinner party with long time friends.

朝からおあげとごはんを炊いて... Cooking rice and deep fried tofu in the morning...
いなり寿司を仕上げて重箱に納め、と、しばし手を止め、 このぬりものの保存容器としての機能性とうつわとしての美しさに惚れ惚れする。 すごいな、ぬりもの! Made 20 sushi pockets, sushi rice balls wrapped in deep fried tofu, stored in one of my favorite lacquer ware box. I really love and honor this lacquer box. Both as a beautiful tableware and a functional container. It has something pottery doesn't have.
そして裏庭にフキがワサワサ茂っていたことを思い出しカゴを持っていざ収穫にー Then I remember,  there are lots of butterburs ready to be cooked in the backyard, so I rush out there with a basket...
軽く茹でておあげ(ちょっとかぶってますが)と炊き合わせる。 Cooking the wild veggies with deep fried tofu... あとは親しい顔を見てから、塩麹につけた豚ロースと畑のウドを炒め合わせ、 愛犬ハチ君の散歩中に娘が採ったコゴミをフリットすれば日本酒でカンパーイ! All I need to do now is to stir fry pork with some vegetables from my garden when the friends arrive, and have a toast with a good cup of sake! 春はいいな、ちょっと外にでかければ食べ物がすぐにカゴいっぱいになるんです。

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