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七草がゆ End of the holiday


We had a simple rice porridge with 7 wild spring herbs yesterday,

that means, "holiday season is over time to get back to work!"

集めてきた七草を並べてみる七草探し熟練の娘達。 去年採った場所を覚えていてあっという間に見つけてきますー Our girls know where all the herbs are. They are very quick to find all 7 of them! Quite impressive...
七草と一緒にフキノトウも見つけてきた頼もしい2人。 They also found very special spring delights, fukino-tou, or butterbur buds.  Give the mountain girls a big hand!
まずは七草がゆを仕込み.... Cooking the porridge in Tetsuya's pan....
残った七草は塩こしょうしたササミとチーズと一緒に春巻きに。 フキノトウも天ぷらにしました。 春巻きがおいしくてうっかり食べ過ぎ、胃腸はまだまだ休まらないのでした。。。 Left over herbs are rolled in rice papers with chicken breast and cheese, turned to be a tasty spring rolls, butterbur buds tempura by side! Oops, feast again!?

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