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カボチャがゴロゴロ Nothing but Pumpkins





Because it rained too much in early summer, then got way too hot in mid-summer,

and more than anything, a wild boar sneaked into our garden and ate all potatoes(regular potatoes, yams, and taros), our garden didn't have much produce this summer....Except for PUMPKINS!

While I was clearing the garden the other day, I found 8 big pumpkins!

I didn't notice there were so many because they were hiding under broad bushes...

As I pulled the vines, I felt the weight...then one after another they appeared.

It was just like fishing pumpkins, a really fun surprise that made my day!

But what should I do with so many of them??

If any of you know good pumpkin recipes, let me know 😄


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