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さようならお正月.... So long New Year holidays





January 7th is considered to be the end of New Year feast days.

We put away New Year's decorations and eat humble nanakusa-gayu

or 7 herbs porridge, then get back to our ordinary lives again.



When I was shooting the image of 7 wild herbs gathered by our 3rd daughter around the house with kagamimochi rice cake decoration above, it reminded me of something I've seen before...




Oh, I know what it is! then turned the pages of an exhibition catalog of one of my favorite artist, Jakuchu Itoh from edo-period(18th century). Here it is!

The painting is called "Vegetable Nirvana", depicting the death of Buddha.

The funny thing is, as you see, all the casts in the painting (e.g. dead Buddha laying in the center=white radish, pupils/followers=turnips, pumpkins, mushrooms, etc., etc.,) are vegetables instead of people! Though it is showing something sad, because of these lovable characters, 

it becomes very cute and humorous and I love it!



Ok, Otani Pottery Studio is ready to work hard again till next New Year's day! So long!

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