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ある冬の日曜日 A winter Sunday





On a typical winter Sunday. Dark and cold. Sky is gray.

Cloud is low, so low that it looks as if it were reaching to the ground, 

even with snow?? 

Whole family is at home, each one is doing their own this and that 

around wood-burning stove.

Time seems to be passing slower than usual.

Very warm and cozy, in contrast to the weather outside.

I feel like cooking something warm and slow in the oven 

on the day like this.





Roll up minced pork stuffing with cabbage. 

(The stuffing is seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg and lots of parsley)


ホワイトソースを満たし、アルミホイルでおおいオーブンで焼くこと50分。 Pour over the cream sauce, cover the pan with aluminum foil and place in the oven for about 50 minutes. 📷 最後にホイルを取り除きチーズをかけて10分。 こんがりぐつぐつ、曇った寒い冬の夜はこんなのがいいですね。 Remove the foil, scatter some cheese over, and bake for a short while. Isn't it something we need for a cold winter dinner table?


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